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In Part 1 & 2 of this article series we referred to the importance of training yourself to provide excellent, superlative, and remarkable customer service. Now, we are upping the ante by referring to the very best service imaginable as ‘stellar”.  If you want to gain or sustain market leadership as a luxury real estate marketing professional, you must aim for the stars!  This is what it takes to run circles around your competition.

Here is the coolest thing about Stellar Customer Service: It cannot be imitated because it must be genuine! When it is authentic, sincere, unaffected and unpretentious it is palpable and indisputable.  That is why the ONLY way you can truly learn to provide Stellar Customer Service is to train yourself to deliver it.  While Stellar Customer Service is an art you can master, you must consistently practice it and perpetually improve your skills to stay on top of your game.

These are the first three steps to providing Stellar Customer Service:

STEP #1:  Identify Why YOU are Loyal to Some Brands

Make a list of the brands and service providers to whom you are particularly loyal. Ask yourself: What keeps you coming back for more? Why would you go out of your way to refer these brands? 

Then, make a list of those who you would switch away from if you found a better alternative that offered Stellar Customer Service.  Make the effort to find alternatives BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT!

STEP #2:  Acknowledge Other’s Stellar Customer Service

Take the time to compliment those service providers and store owners who deliver Stellar Customer Service.  IT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD and it make them feel appreciated.  You are also increasing the likelihood that the next customers or clients that they serve will receive Stellar Customer Service!

STEP #3 Practice the “I’m Worth Stellar Customer Service Mindset”.

Take the time to let service providers know when you receive sub-par service, even in “insignificant” ways. There is no such thing as an insignificant instance of sub-par service. It is important feedback for those who value providing impeccable service. And, it also keeps you sharply focused on the fact that you not only deserve Stellar Customer Service in every detail, YOU EXPECT IT IN EVERY DETAIL!

When you consistently take the time to make yourself feel good, you discover that you always deserve Stellar Customer Service. You come to expect it in every encounter you have with restaurants, hotels, stores, etc., and each interacation you have with service professionals.  It is only by cultivating this mindset and this attitude that YOU can truly provide genuine Stellar Customer Service.

In Part 4 we will cover the importance of spreading the word about other’s Stellar Customer Service (Step #4) and how that can ELEVATE your level of expertise as a luxury real estate service provider beyond your competitors’.  In Part 5 we will reveal the biggest secret of all, the key that can take your practice into the stratosphere!  In the game of luxury real estate marketing we call it “Dwell Well!” (Step #5).

-Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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