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As a luxury real estate marketing professional, do you have clients who essentially tell you “wild horses couldn’t drag me away” from doing business with you and sending referrals? If you are willing to master the art of deepening customer loyalty you will definitely run circles around your competition. 

In Part 1 of this article series we stated that the best way to become an expert in luxury real estate customer service is to TRAIN YOURSELF!  The best place to start is by identifying the brands to which you are most loyal. Ask yourself, why you have not switched to the competing brands?  What keeps you loyal? 

In preparing for our trip to Paris to cover the Club e-Luxe International Summit on Language of Luxury, we spent the day getting pre-travel errands done.  In just one day we counted six examples of superlative customer service.  Acknowledging and appreciating each encounter of great service is another way to train yourself on being an expert at engendering client loyalty. 

Here is the simplest of examples of how customer loyalty was either won or reinforced that day. A local peach grower at our Tuesday Farmer’s Market personally selected the best four peaches for us that we have tasted so far this season. She took the time to ask when we would be serving them to adjust for the ripeness in her selection. 

We loved these peaches and our experience of this particular vendor so much that we returned Thursday for more, bypassing every other peach vendor. Certainly, there were other delicious peaches available from competitors. But, we went out of our way to be loyal to this vendor because of the personal care she provided. 

What do you think is the variable that made it possible to experience superlative service across the board that day?  We trained ourselves to EXPECT great service.  It is a mindset and an attitude that you are worth receiving remarkable service that can actually be practiced.   

“Remarkable” is the operative word here because there is a flip-side to receiving remarkable service:  You need to express your appreciation and also tell others about your experience to complete the cycle of extraordinary service.  Stay tuned for Part 3 as we offer the other tips to train yourself to run circles around your competition by providing superlative client service.

-Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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