In Part 1, we shared that owning top-of-mind status in a local restaurant category is what leads to owning the lion’s share of business in that niche. The same brand strategy principles apply to luxury real estate marketing; it is all about focus and a great brand story.  This is especially important in a crowded field if you want to stand out. 

The wine industry represents one of the most competitive product categories in the world. Right next door to Wildwood Kitchen that we reviewed in Part 1 is Potek Winery. Here is an excellent example of a heart-warming brand story coupled with the focus of a clearly stated niche value proposition that makes Potek a standout.

“The name Potek is drawn from the story of the immigration of my great–grandfather from Romania to the United States. Berl Potek’s name was changed to Benjamin Potter as he passed through Ellis Island in 1917. His courage to search for a better life, and the immigrants’ experience of adaptation in a new environment inspires my approach to winemaking with traditional French techniques and grapes, grown in California. Potek Winery is built on generations of hard work and the constant search for better. We pay tribute to the bravery of exploration and strength in family.”

The clarity and brevity of the brand story and value proposition (traditional French techniques and grapes grown in California) is remarkable, memorable and easy to share via word-of-mouth advertising. Regardless of your views about the immigration challenges that face our country and what the best solutions may be, this story of courage and the search for a better life, reminds us of the value of living here in the USA.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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