Niche marketing in luxury real estate is easy to understand if you think in terms of restaurants.  If you are in the mood for BBQ you “auto-sort” the entire list of restaurants in town. Thus, you narrow your search down to just one category.  Focus is the key to niche marketing.

When you need a recommendation, you ask someone which BBQ restaurant is best in class in your town within your budget.  The BBQ restaurant that comes to their mind first enjoys what we call “top-of-mind” status.  Whoever achieves top-of-mind status gets the lion’s share of BBQ business.  It is that simple!

But, to keep people coming back, you need to deliver the goods. And, you need a compelling value proposition that differentiates you from the pack. You need an extraordinary promise of value (EVP). 

Recently, we were referred to the best new BBQ restaurant in Santa Barbara: Wildwood Kitchen. We ordered the BBQ Sampler, which included Trip Tip, Pork Ribs and a homemade sweet Italian sausage. Everything was outstanding including the Cole slaw and pickles.

Our waiter kindly let us sample their homemade vegan chili that featured fresh beans from our local Santa Barbara farmer’s market. Absolutely delicious! We were compelled to take home two orders and feast on the chili for dinner.

In addition to Wildwood Kitchen’s fabulous food the restaurant has a wonderful brand story that makes it extraordinary. Restaurateur Justin West, wanted to pay homage to his father’s successful BBQ restaurant in Oregon.  The original recipes are the cornerstones of his offerings. But, Justin has focused on including as much local produce and other local ingredients as possible, which was not readily available year-round in Oregon.

Wildwood’s next-door neighbors are Potek Winery and Three Window Brewery. They share a common courtyard area in the back with seating that makes for a synergistic, convivial atmosphere.  Together, their theme is sourcing the finest local Santa Barbara ingredients and building a sense of community.

In Part 2 of this article series we will cover the extraordinary brand story of Potek Winery. It is extremely challenging to stand out in the wine industry.  That is why this winery’s brand story provides a great example for luxury real estate marketing professionals who need to distinguish themselves in a crowded market.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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