Writing blog posts on local stories that really matter to the locals in an excellent way to become known as a luxury real estate marketing professional who is a genuine human being. This is known as local journalism or localism.

 Think like a professional journalist. Take a tip from from newpapers and other publications who have a lifestyle section to fashion your own localism posts. Here is a great story about 7 orphaned cats in Istanbul (“CATstantinople) and the people who found them in the mosques and the bazaars of Istanbul. 

We call this a “peripheral” marketing strategy because it may not produce immediate results. But, over time peripheral marketing can pay off in big ways.  It allows the potential referral base in your area to get to know you in a role other than real estate professional.  It gives you a way to be multidimensional and approachable because you find avenues of common ground besides business.

Public relations could be defined as making yourself well known and well thought of in your marketplace. Peripheral marketing can accomplish that in ways that market reports and just sold post cards cannot do.  Use localism to connect with the locals!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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