Santa Barbara Lighthouse on Butterfly Beach

Santa Barbara Lighthouse on Butterfly Beach

Recently, there was a lively discussion on the subject of localism.  Some of the participants felt it was a waste of time, because no leads have been realized as a result of the effort.  Others felt that Google liked seeing agents with different perspectives, and for the sake of Google, this is was a must.  Some did get leads.

We have always encouraged our clients to write localism posts providing that it fit with their overall brand strategy, if they wanted to have a blog.  We also suggest that if they are going to write localism posts, it has to be editorial rather than just reporting the time, and date of the event.

One of our clients loved the idea.  She embraced the concept and reported back that several of their clients came from reading their posts for one to two years.  They enjoyed their reports on the growth of the town, the restaurants, and the sporting events. 

Another client is an avid boater, and specializes in waterfront properties.  The localism posts were on the subject of boating, where to get supplies, and or repairs done, and the best places to dock and visit in their waterfront area, based on personal experiences.

There are several agents around the country who can attribute their success to their localism posts.  One of them writes about chocolate.  She is passionate about the subject, and shares her finds on local chocolate. In the same city, there is an agent who covers the local neighborhood scene where he works and lives.  His readers look forward to his newsletter.

Another agent is a master of marketing reports (a definite localism post).  He has remained highly ranked on Google for years.  His marketing reports are interesting reads for everyone who lives in the area, because of his point of view.  We even check out his reports, because they are a fun read. 

If you review a restaurant, eat there.  If you enjoyed the experience, write about it.  The same goes for an event that is happening in town.  Be sure you have attended it, enjoyed it, or else forget reporting on it.

In conclusion, if you are going to write about localism as part of your marketing strategy, write it from your experience.  Make it personal, make it interesting and make it a fun read. Otherwise, don’t do it.

You decide, Localism Post: Relevant or Outdated?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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