© Lostarts|Dreamstime.com-Retro HDR Manila Skyline Photo

                       © Lostarts|Dreamstime.com-Retro HDR Manila Skyline Photo

Uncontested and under served market niches are usually not obvious.  That is why they are such outstanding opportunities for luxury real estate marketing professionals who want to dominate a niche.

Recently, we came across a relatively new outsourcing company called TaskUs headquartered in Santa Monica, California. The 29 year-old founders started out as a virtual assistant firm but later discovered an under served market niche that they could dominate. 

Today they provide the back office support and customer service support mostly for Internet start-ups and emerging internet superstars like Uber, Groupon, and even the hot, new online dating service, Tinder. This is not only an under served market niche but also an uncontested one. Most outsourcing firms target larger companies like big banks and telecommunication firms and would not consider working with start-ups.

TaskUs has a staff of 4000 people in Manila who speak fluent English and enjoy the same kind of relaxed work environment (with tons of perks) that has become the norm for Silicon Valley tech companies. This year TaskUs is projecting $50 million in revenues, up from $14 million in 2014. 

TaskUs just landed a funding round of $15 million to expand into yet another uncontested and under served market niche:  Spanish-speaking customers.  With an eye on tripling their revenue by 2016, they plan on opening new offices in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Columbia.

Start thinking like this startup, TaskUs and you to may discover an under served or even an uncontested market niche that you can dominate as a luxury real estate marketing professional.  Are you up to the task of finding your market niche?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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