In the competitive arena of luxury real estate, it is important to treat your competitors as friends and a respected member of the luxury real estate community.  If you want to maximize your longevity in your luxury real estate market, forget treating your competitors as an enemy.

Make a habit of congratulating the opposition for their accomplishments. This will often result in a circle of trustworthy professionals who can become a great source of information and a delight to work with.

One of our clients regularly sends listings to another agent in another company, when she senses the sellers/buyers would be difficult for her to work with.  She knows her competitor is perfect for this type of seller.  Her competitor also reciprocates, and they send each other referral fees.

In many of the high-end marketplaces, luxury real estate agents from different firms have formed an alliance where they share private listings (sellers who don’t want their homes on the MLS).

The lesson here is to treat your competition as a friend and a respected member of your profession.  You will be surprised by the positive results, which will come from this attitude.  It is more rewarding that treating someone as an enemy.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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