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              © Alchena/ Dreamstime.com-Python Bridge In Amsterdam-Night Scene Photo

In marketing luxury real estate have you ever had the experience of prospects that do not return your phone calls after you have established what you thought was an excellent rapport? Or, have you waited in vain for a promised call from prospects that never materialized?  What about missed appointments without as much as a quick note via email or text?

It is always a good practice to give people the benefit of the doubt because something urgent may have became a priority.  But, now with just about everyone using smartphones there is little excuse not to provide some form of Communication Bridge to resolve the mystery.

Why is it so difficult for people to say, “I have decided not to avail myself of your services” or, “my plans have changed”, or “something came up”? Doesn’t this seem like common courtesy? If they do not provide a bridge of communication do they expect that you will just take the hint and go away? Why does it seem like common courtesy is a luxury instead of the norm? 

If it appears that common courtesy is in short supply in your world you may want to take this an important clue. It is a clue more about YOU than THEM. 

It may appear like there is a scarcity of truly courteous people out there. But, in reality the courteous ones are just as plentiful. You just have been spending too much of your attention on the non-courteous ones and too much time complaining about them. The unfortunate result is that your expectations have diminished and your self-esteem has most likely suffered in the process.

The good news is that this can be remedied! Decide that you deserve common courtesy at all times. Practice it consistently yourself in regard to others. Be mindful of providing communication bridges if you are not interested in services that others offer you or if you cannot keep an appointment.

When you do encounter the lack of common courtesy, do not jump off the bridge! Give them the benefit of the doubt. Do not dwell on the disappointment. Just write it off as quickly as possible and move on others who are more a match to your standards of courtesy. Remember they are looking for you as much as you want to find them.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel- 

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