Striking the right balance between creating a captivating design and effectively communicating your primary marketing message is the biggest challenge in web design today.  The trick it to be able to work within the constraints imposed by multiple screen sizes of desktops, laptops and a myriad of mobile devices with their portrait and landscape orientations. Visually, it all has to work on all screens and your marketing message has to be laser-sharp!

Today, we are excited to present our own new company website. It took us six months to figure out this puzzle maintaining the look and feel of our brand.  The lessons learned from this exercise have and will be applied to all of our client’s websites. Check out

As luxury real estate’s leading brand strategists we understood that our website needed to set an example of what we advise all of our clients to do.   That is, clearly communicate your unique promise of value to our ideal clients with an economy of words and images.

Our expertise is helping luxury real estate professionals and companies identify an uncontested or under-served market niche that they can dominate with our proven strategies.  Our ideal clients are those who are bent on gaining or sustaining market leadership in their marketplace or a niche within.

As an added value, we incorporated, right into our site, our highly acclaimed free video course, “Which Niche Can Make You Rich?” And, we made our widely syndicated blog, The Language of Luxury even more visually appealing with 700 pixel-wide images on all posts.  All informative videos on the site are a full 960 pixels wide making them easy to watch on all computers and mobile devices without having to enlarge to full-screen.

At the end of the day, your luxury real estate must become your silent salesperson and exemplify your marketing savvy.  Our intent is to have our own company website demonstrates this principle.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

 ABOUT:  Napa Consultants, International is the leader in brand strategy for the luxury real estate industry.  They work exclusively with professionals who are passionate about gaining or sustaining market leadership. With an expertise in personal branding, company branding, luxury real estate website design and social media marketing they help their clients become the breakaway brand in their marketplace.