How much is a penny worth? Not much?  Think again!

In this post we would like to share an invaluable marketing insight that can help you attract more referrals in your luxury real estate marketing practice.  It is all about appreciating your own value more often.

Recently, Alexandra and I (Ron here) visited the special lime grower at the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market where we purchased 4 limes for $1. I reached into my pocket to pull out some change and gave the guy four quarters and one penny (the entire content of my pocket).  I told him it was a “lucky penny” that I found on the ground and I wanted him to have it. 

At first, the merchant looked astonished. Then, he gave me an additional lime and told me it was a “lucky lime”.  If I have asked him to give me the 5th lime for a penny, he certainly would have thought that I was trying to get something for nothing.  Instead, we shared an uplifting moment, exchanging value for value, as both were equal acts of kindness and we each felt lucky!

Less than 30 minutes later, Alexandra and I visited Trader Joes to pick up some additional groceries. The tab came to $10.76.  I gave the checkout person a twenty-dollar bill and a single dollar so I could get back a ten-dollar bill plus change in coins. I was given the ten, plus a quarter (instead of 24 cents) and was told that the extra penny was on TJ’s!

For one (free) penny invested in a random act of kindness, I received a 2,500% return on my “investment” because the lime costs 25 cents! Plus, I instantly received another free penny from TJ’s recouping my initial investment.  This is bona- fide, empirical evidence that it pays to be a giver.  Besides, it simply feels great! 

If you want more referrals, appreciate your own value more.  You have so much more to give than you realize. Go out of your way to be kind to others and also spread the good word about those people, businesses and professionals that you value.  It does not even have to cost you a single penny. Give more and watch what happens!