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Given that we are bombarded on a daily basis with thousands of communications from various brands it is important to meet the following criteria if you intend to have your    online content go viral.  When you have these components in your online marketing strategy your chances increase exponentially for your target market to spread the word about you. 

Analyze your online content by asking yourself: 


Do I have a strategy to encourage my target market to opt in to my content?  Is my content compelling enough to encourage or inspire my target market to return to my site, without drip campaigns or other incentives?  

Ambush marketing is no longer the answer. Remember that your market can click or swipe away in a Nano-second.


Is there value in my message, i.e. is it useful, or educational?  Am I meeting my target market’s expectations, or am I repeating the same old stuff day in and day out? If the message is the same on a daily basis, you will become irrelevant!

In the beauty products world, Clinique invited beauty bloggers to participate in a live, online video chat with Julia Cox, their beauty expert.  They were able to ask questions, so they were better able to spread the word about Clinique.


Is my content entertaining?  With the advent of YouTube, attention is often gained through video entertainment.  Volvo’s Epic Split commercial, showing Jean-Paul Van Damme doing the splits between two Volvo trucks, was cited by Volvo as being one of the reasons that their sales increasing by 31%.  Over 10 million people have watched Virgin Airline’s funny safety in-flight announcement on YouTube. This announcement has created a buzz, a fond perception of Virgin and resulted in more occupied seats on their flights.  That’s Viral Marketing!

Does your content have the potential to go viral?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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