One of the concepts of getting your brand to go viral as we mentioned in our previous post, "Is There A Formula For Going Viral", is the subject of edutainment. It refers to online content that is both educational and entertaining.  The importance of this concept in marketing is that it is fun and memorable. 

Children are taught the ABC song to learn the alphabet. “Do, Re, Mi” from the “The Sound of Music, “ teaches the musical notes.  These are definitely a form of edutainment. 

Some of the best memories of favorite teachers and professors often involve moments of edutainment.  My father (A) rapidly filled his college courses on physics, thermodynamics, statistics, pre-med and engineering, because he was known for being entertaining. Traditionally these courses are considered “dull” subjects.  However, he had his students laughing, learning and remembering these subjects.

Many real estate professionals miss out on the opportunity to use edutainment as a strategy to invite contacts and potential leads into their world.  Edutainment is a great way to expose the lifestyle of your marketplace, or share something interesting. 

A wonderful example is Mario’s Facebook Page, the brainchild of Mary Greenberg of Mary and Dick Greenberg, whose real estate firm serves Fort Collins and surrounding areas. Dick is well known for his exemplary market reports reflecting his economic take on what is happening in Northern Colorado.  Mario is their adorable rat terrier who has quite a following, because he is so entertaining. This is edutainment at its best.  It is an invitation to join the fun and the brand of Mary & Dick.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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