You know you have begun to gain the trust of new clients when they feel hopeful that you can satisfy their most pressing needs and they can count not only on your skill set but also on your kindness to do so.  In marketing luxury real estate, the more high trust relationships you can develop the more successful you will be. If market leadership is your quest it is essential that you cultivate within your self a general sense of hopefulness and faith in the core kindness of mankind.

Evidence of kindness and also cruelty to mankind abounds. Both realities exist. The choice you have is this: which reality are you going to focus upon? Cultivating a sense of hopefulness and kindness requires that you defuse your fixation on cruelty and look for more evidence of kindness.

Have you noticed the extent to which the news and also entertainment has you believing that cruelty is far more predominant than kindness?  Evidently, cruelty sells ads!

This morning, in the parking lot of our grocery store, we saw a Chihuahua running loose seemingly lost and frantically looking for its owner.  Suddenly, we noticed that three other customers joined us trying to coral the dog.  Another wanted to wait until the dog was safely out of the way before getting in her car and leaving her parking space.

Then we heard a whistle and we looked up.  Two men were working on the roof of the grocery store. They could see the dog from their vantage point and were trying to let the customers know where it was.  Finally, they saw the owner and were able to point the owner in the right direction to find her Chihuahua. 

At that point our help was no longer needed.  But, we marveled at the spontaneous outbreak of kindness of eight total strangers who, for a moment in time, became united to help reunite a pet and its owner.  It was uplifting for all of us. There was no expectation or need for gratitude from the pet owner. It just felt great to take a moment out of our day for someone else; that is all!

Evidence of kindness and cruelty abound.  What are you going to focus upon?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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