When marketing luxury real estate to an international clientele, the more you understand about their culture the faster you will be able to gain their trust.  The key is to not feel like your own culture is superior-just different.  Appreciating diversity in cultures is an essential attribute of a market leader in the luxury real estate realm.

When we arrived at the airport in Rome for a recent business trip we were amazed at the apparent disorganized manner in which customs was handled compared to Paris or the USA, for example.  Then, we realized that it was actually "organized chaos" that functioned just fine.   We just relaxed, went with the flow and all was fine once we remembered the phrase, "When in Rome do as the Romans do!

La Traviata was playing at the opera house near the Spanish Steps in central Rome. Purchasing tickets was another example of organized chaos. You buy tickets for a general section of the theatre, but not specific seats.  When you get to the theatre (a bit early to get the best seats), they let you in after waiting in line and you choose your seats once you are inside. 

After the fist act they served pasta to the entire audience during the 20-minute intermission.  We almost died laughing while consuming pasta in anticipation of Violetta, the main character, dying of “consumption” (now known as tuberculosis) during the finale in Act 3. 

To success in marketing luxury real estate internationally, you truly need to celebrate cultural diversity.  Seek it out and embrace it or be left behind because your competitors will have the edge, otherwise. So remember, "When in Rome..."

Ciao for now from Rome, Ron & Alexandra Seigel

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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