This article series on Luxury Real Estate Website Design was inspired by a special behind-the-scene tour of the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum and a private viewing of their sample collection of sea shells and other mollusks.  In Part 3 we showed an example of creating a Wine Country personal brand identity based on the colors of red and white wine: burgundy and gold. Here, in Part 4, we circle back to our samples of shells and focus on the texture of the sea scallops that are also variations of burgundy and gold colors. 

In the same way a change in one minor component of DNA creates an entirely different species, so it is true that slightly different combinations or variations of colors and textures can create an entirely different brand.  Certainly, there are a number of luxury real estate marketing professionals in the Wine Country.  But, expressing one agent’s personal brand by factoring in unique gradations of colors and textures that reflect personal values and personality traits, results in a brand identity that stands out from all rest. 

Texture is created graphically through light and shadow of colors and also the repetition of patterns.  Notice how the proportions of burgundy and gold seen in the stripes and the spaces between stripes of these two scallops depicted above create two distinct designs and identities.  The difference in DNA between the two is minor yet the outward appearance is quite dissimilar. 

Scallop on Left

Wine Country Burgundy (from Part 3)

Scallop on Right

One of the greatest challenges of luxury real estate marketing professionals is expressing their unique promise of value. In our luxury real estate strategic branding and website design practice that is exactly what we help them to do. In Part 5 we will show how an oyster, from the Chesapeake Bay, inspired the team brand identity of the luxury real estate market leaders in Virginia waterfront homes.

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