Many luxury home markets are in vacation destinations, which means buyers are seeking a relief from the stress of their current environment when they purchase a vacation home. Therefore, using intense colors in your personal and company branding may be jarring to your target market.  In our fast-paced world of luxury real estate marketing it is a good idea to slow down to a snail’s pace every so often to appreciate the exquisite subtlety of colors in nature that can be more soothing to the eye. 

It is important to select colors for your brand identity and website design that are your personal favorites.  However, tempering the shades and hues of your favorite colors to harmonize with local colors is often advisable. Conversely, if your personal favorites are subdued and your marketplace is more likely you may consider amping up your color scheme.

Some of the obvious colors that are associated with luxury goods are burgundy, forest green, gold and black. Although, the simple use of two or three colors is often effective, an expanded color palate can add a rich diversity to the visual experience. 

Green shells (left)

Snail shells (right)

In our luxury real estate strategic branding and website design practice, we often look to nature for inspiration when selecting a color palette for our clients based on their basic preferences. These snail shells provide some examples of non-obvious color schemes that depart from burgundy, forest green and gold.  

Always keep in mind that everyone has personal color preferences.  These colors may not resonate with you. There is an entire psychology of colors that we will delve into in future articles. Stay tuned for Part 3 where we take our color palette inspiration from sea scallops.

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