Throughout this article series we focus on an important question that is often asked of us by luxury real estate marketing professionals who want to challenge the incumbent market leaders in their marketplace:  

“Why am I not on the "A List" when others who are less competent, less communicative or less caring are being invited to listing presentations for prestigious properties?” 

Our answer is quite simple:  YOU GOTTA HAVE GLAM!  But, this requires a depth of understanding of the real meaning of glamour, its counterpart, “charisma” and also the ability to seize control of the way you are perceived by your target market. Glamour is the “secret sauce”, which is at the core of personal and company branding in luxury real estate marketing. 

Men, be sure not to dismiss the word glamour as being gender specific because there is so much more to the full concept of glamour than just the style or appearance of women.  The allure of an expensive sports car or the rugged lifestyle of the Marlborough Man or the accolades of a famous athletic hero, or the call to duty to serve your country at a time of war is also at the root of glamour. 

When we behold glamour, in its many forms, it offers the promise of a different or better self or lifestyle.  Most importantly, as it pertains to marketing luxury real estate, it influences our decisions about what we buy as a consumer or whom we hire to sell our most expensive assets. 

In Part 2 of this article series we will begin to answer the question about How to get the most coveted invitation in our industry, the invitation to the  High-End Listing Presentation?

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Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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