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Two of the most iconic and charismatic film heroes of all time are Hans Solo (Star Wars) and Indiana Jones both played by Harrison Ford, Although, he has never won an academy award for his acting, he is the 5th highest grossing box office star in the world. He had the extraordinary packagiing (good looks) and the charisma to land these coveted roles. Mr. Ford has GLAM! 

Choice film roles are like high-end listings. To break into luxury real estate and get invited to high-end listing presentations you either need a lucky break, or you need the courage to project your inner certainty, which is what charisma is. With extraordinary packaging (expert personal or company branding) your work is considerably easier because your packaging is like your personal, silent salesperson; it speaks on your behalf.   

However, having extraordinary packaging and charisma without substance, i.e., without competence, communication and caring, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, is tantamount to walking on thin ice.  Eventually, your shortcomings will be exposed and your foundation will crack, crumble and melt.  

Harrison Ford also playes a romantic role in, Working Girl, a film that exemplifies this point. Melanie Griffith protrays the part of a lowly, unglamorous secretary with brains but no charisma.  Her boss, Sigourney Weaver, a financial executive with GLAM in spades, encourages Griffith to share her business ideas. When Griffith discovers that Weaver plans to steal her ideas she begins a glamorous makeover (extraordinary packaging) so she will be taken seriously as an executive not just a secretary, and she pitches her own idea directly to a potential client. 

The proposal is well received because she took command of how she was perceived. And, she mustered up the courage to project her certainty, which gave her charisma with substance. At the end, Weaver’s character is exposed for what she is:  someone with charisma, talent and extraordinary packaging, but without heart or soul.

The moral of the story is that, in marketing luxury real estate, GLAM (extraordinary packaging and charisma) can get you just so far. It can temporarily cover up for deficiencies in Competence, Communication and Care.  But, the illusion eventually fades. 

This image of an African secretary bird (since we talked about an unglamourous secretary's transformation into a charismatic executive) says it all! GLAM (Extraordinary Packaging and Charisma) + Competence + Communication + Care = The winning formula for getting you invited to high-end listing presentations. 

Tis the Season for GLAM! Stay tuned for more.

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Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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