As we have often mentioned, the competition in the wine industry is even fiercer than the competition among luxury real estate marketing professionals.  Whether selecting an agent or a bottle of wine without a direct referral, you may only have a Nano-second to make a great impression and stand out from the crowd. However, if your messaging solves a problem your chances are even greater to get a quick decision.

Here is an example of a marketing message that collapses the time of the decision-making process, by solving the problem of selecting a wine to bring to a dinner party. 

First, the Foodies brand name itself, plus its price point (4 bottles for $23.96), identifies and speaks directly to their precise target market:  less sophisticated wine lovers, on a budget, who aspire to learn more and also look good when buying wine as a gift.

The messaging on the label clearly indicates which wine goes with which meal, which immediately solves a problem. It enables the customer to make a quick decision about which wine to bring to the party. 

Foodies’ further defines their target market on their website:

“Whether farm to table or head to tail, great food deserves great wine.  Foodies was created for culinary-minded wine lovers seeking delicious, balanced wines to complement a range of inspired dishes.”

Then they go on to use “social proof” to convince their potential customers that they are making a wise decision. Foodies’ wines have garnered accolades from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, Jefferson Cup Invitational and the California Fair Wine Competition. 

Taken all together, Foodies uses brilliant messaging to create what is known in the world of branding and marketing as a “frictionless” decision.  They rapidly remove all obstacles, all resistance due to uncertainty and all objections to buy.

In the context of luxury real estate marketing, the objective of your marketing message should be to instantaneously communicate that you or your company is the answer to your prospects’ most pressing problem or concerns.  Your messaging needs to collapse the time of the decision-making process to hire you for their needs, which often includes the need to impress others.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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