When we recently visited our clients luxury real market, they pointed out that their main competitors copied their distinctive color.  As the market is improving, more agents are jumping in the fray to sell luxury real estate, and more copycats are on the prowl.

Imitation is our opinion is not a sincere form of flattery.  It shows a distinct lack of creativity and originality, and both qualities are integral to marketing luxury real estate or any other service or product.

The luxury car industry is starting to thrive as the economy improves.  Here is an example done by two separate creative agencies, whose clients are Mercedes Benz, and Jaguar.

To illustrate the Mercedes car suspension and its function of anticipating terrain to insure comfort, this video was created using a chicken.  The chicken is shown moving to the music of Diana Ross; “Upside Down”, and it is held by two hands in white gloves and black sleeves representing the magic of Mercedes suspension engineering.

Jaguar’s agency decided to parody the commercial by showing a scientist manipulating a chicken with the chicken flying away, he tells us, “See it is just like a Mercedes”.  The next scene is the jaguar with feathers flying out of its jaws.  The commercial claims that its suspension is cat-like.  The commercial ends with the slogan, “It Is Good to be Bad”.

According to Mr. Schorr, a Jaguar executive,   “Everyone enjoys a little friendly competition and acknowledge how brilliant the original ad was and how clever and fun our spin on it was.”

In our opinion, only chickens are copycats! What do you think?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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