Luxury real estate marketing professionals should include as, part of their blog posts, a section covering local news.  This would include restaurants, seasonal events, and locals of note.  One of the comments, we recently received on one of our own posts in which we reviewed a local restaurant said,

One of my blog posts about a wonderful little restaurant in Camas, has over 50,500 views.” –Debb Janes, Realtor in Camas, WA

Whether or not your audience is currently living in the marketplace you are writing about, these posts bring to life your place of work.  They may even spark a desire to explore, even if it was not their original choice.  For the locals, it may be fun news. We are certain that, if we polled the locals around here in the Santa Barbara area, very few would know that Sue Grafton lives in Montecito. Ms. Grafton is author of the best-selling alphabet mysteries, which she started in 1982, with A is for Alibi.

 The setting of her novels is a thinly veiled or “artfully arranged” Southern California town named Santa Teresa, is actually based on Santa Barbara. Montecito is “Montebello”.  Her latest novel, “W is for Wasted”, is set around the bird sanctuary (there is actually a bird preserve across from the beach) and near a Mexican café that also exists near the preserve.

This novel is one of my favorites thus far, and I think that these statements summarize my feelings best:

“I’ve come to believe that Grafton is not only the most talented woman writing crime fiction today but also that, regardless of gender, her Millhone books are among the five or six best series any American has ever written.”—The Washington Post. 

“Millhone’s (the heroine of her novels) complexity is mirrored by the novels that document her cases: books that nestle comfortably within the mystery genre even as they push and prod its contours.”—The Wall Street Journal.

Ron and I had the pleasure of meeting Sue at the home of a mutual friend.  I asked her about the fate of Millhone.  She said that she had received many suggestions from fans but was not sure where it would all end up. However, she did know that the last of the alphabet series is going to be named “Z is for Zero”.

Locals of note make a perfect subject for interviews in your location-based posts.  As a luxury real estate marketing professional expand your horizons beyond just homes.  High net worth consumers fall in love with a location before any particular home in it.  Spark love affairs between your potential buyers and your local marketplace.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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