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PART 3:  Innovative Design & Dazzling Presentation


To achieve market leadership fast, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, you must identify an uncontested or under served market niche that you can service better than anyone else in your marketplace, with passion.  But, the quality of communication of your extraordinary promise of value in your listing presentations must be concise and compelling in order to spark instant demand and trigger buzz. 

In our opinion, the unveiling of Tesla’s Model X was equally as exciting for the automotive industry as Steve Job’s introduction of the iPad was to the digital world. That presentation was what prompted us to name Tesla as the 2013 Emerging Luxury Brand of the Year. These polished, dazzling presentations can serve as models for your own listing presentations. 


Each company identified an under served market niche that they could dominate by offering an extraordinary value proposition. Both companies are extremely passionate about their mission; they THINK BIG (see Part 2) and are driven by the desire to innovate, i.e., to “change the game”. 


Tesla understood that to create a truly successful all-electric crossover urban vehicle (CUV) it would have to be far superior to SUVs and Mini vans at some key things.  For example, Tesla included the 17” digital display that was also a standard feature in their Model S (see Part 2). They tapped the Mac Book Pro supply chain and actually achieved higher contrast and a higher lumen level because they did not have the same design constraints that a laptop has. Tesla also understood that consumers want at least the same digital experience that they have with their other devices. 

Tesla reasoned, “Mini Vans have lots of room but not much style. SUVs are big on the outside but tend to be small on the inside. What if you could have a seven-passenger car that has more FUNCTIONALITY than a Mini Van and more STYLE than an SUV?”  One key answer was the creation the best car door in the world. Another answer was offering tons of storage, both in the back, behind the third row of seats, and under the hood where gasoline-engine cars have no storage room at all. 

The Falcon Door is not only a sensational design it also allows easy access to the second and third rows of seats. Adults can actually stand up under the raised door and place a child in a car seat without straining their backs or getting wet from rain.  WATCH THE VIDEO.

But, the primary missing element in Mini Vans and SUVs is PERFORMANCE.  The Model X is the size of an SUV, but it has a better turning radius. It has dual motor all-wheel drive and is actually faster than a Porsche 911. It accelerates from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds vs. 4.6 for the Porsche. 

In your luxury real estate listing presentations you must be able to precisely articulate your extraordinary promise of value with passion.  When you can state in just three words how you are better than your competition, like Tesla can do (Functionality, Style & Performance), and clearly demonstrate this with your distinct features and benefits, then you may become the emerging luxury brand of the year in your own marketplace, and get there fast! 

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Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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