Achieving celebrity status within your marketplace as a luxury real estate marketing professional can elevate you to “top-of-mind”.  At this point you become both well-known and well thought of locally by your target market and potential referral sources. Only then, when your name itself becomes very well-known, is it worthwhile to use your name as your brand and also as your website address.

The sudden death of Whitney Houston, one of the great voices of her generation, amplifies this phenomenon. Just the mention of her first name associated with the recording industry sparks immediate recognition of the performer.  Rihanna has recently achieved this status.  So, has Adele.  

Recently, famed Italian chef, author, restaurateur, and regular contributor to PBS cooking shows such as Lidia’s Italy, Lidia Bastianich, launched a product line.  This line includes pastas, sauces, and more.  Every item is known as Lidia’s.  Accompanying the picture and simple logo is her Italian slogan, “Tutti a Tavola, A Mangiare!”.  This means, “come all to the table to eat!”  She ends each of her shows with these words.

If you have not reached this level as local celebrity think again about using your name as your brand, and your website address.  Think of it from the standpoint of a website visitor who knows no agent in your marketplace, let alone which name is the true market leader.  You would be much better served branding your practice and your website address as a resource, an authority on the lifestyle in your area. But, if you have established a name for yourself as the leading  authority in your area or a niche therein, stick with your name as your brand.


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