Have you ever wondered  how it is possible that certain luxury real estate marketing professionals can earn a massive income with just a basic website that is not well optimized to appease the Google Gods and  logging into Facebook only occasionally, if at all?  Marketing luxury real estate is more of a people business than a technology business.  And, these agents get that point loud and clear. They excel at the art of the in-person Power Schmoozing, the ultimate social networking skill, in our opinion.

With all of the hoopla over social networking and internet marketing too many very capable luxury real estate marketing professionals have gotten distracted, lost their perspective and have lost sight of their priorities.  Online schmoozing and blogging, when done right, can be effective.  But, how much time does it take in your day? How much time is the right amount of time for YOU?  This is something that you must ask yourself, personally.

In luxury real estate marketing, mega-incomes do not just happen. You need to consistently expand your sphere of influence if you want to expand your referral base. There is no getting around this.  However, If you are more shy than gregarious online schmoozing  and blogging may fit your personality better than a round of golf with highly connected friends. 

Recently, the WSJ reported that the game of golf is losing 1,00,000 player each year.  They referred to “time-squeezed, electronically-addicted” business people who think four hours or more is too much time away from the pulse of their business. But, how much time are you spending online?  It may be worth your time to measure the effectiveness, in terms of referrals, between online schmoozing and blogging and in- person power schmoozing.  Then, set your priorities accordingly. You may be surprised with the results.


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