Some of the most successful examples of luxury real estate personal or company branding are those brands that strike an emotional chord with ideal clients. One of the best ways to engage prospective buyers and sellers is through repetitive sensory impressions that make you stand out from your competition. 

Most people associate branding with a visual symbol like the Nike “swoosh” or the silhouette of a rabbit (Playboy) or the LV monogram (Louis Vuitton). Some products have a distinct smell that creates and positive olfactory memories. With enough repetitive sensory impressions consumers can often identify a brand from a great distance, by sight (without words), or with just one whiff. 

Auditory branding is another way to create an indelible impression of your brand. Joel Beckerman has actually won awards for “sonic branding” and has a roster of Fortune 500 clients who believe in this brand strategy.  You may have heard his “whoooosh” when you have sent email on an iMac or any other email enabled Apple product.  If you heard that “auditory logo” while watching a TV show in which the character was sending an email, you would instantly know that the computing device (even if it were not visible on screen) was an Apple computer or device.

Engaging the senses in your branding creates an emotional connection with your target market that can give you a significant competitive advantage. But, it must communicate your unique brand personality and also be consistent throughout your communication channels.

For one of our lender clients, who brokered jumbo loans for luxury real estate, we created a motion website graphic of his logo zooming down a road and coming to a screeching halt in the foreground, with full sound effects.  He was obviously into cars.   This resonated perfectly with his ideal clients who could appreciate it.(See Case Study)

 What are some ways that you can incorporate sights smells and sounds into your own branding in order to create a strong, positive emotional brand for yourself or your company?   


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