Using technology and Internet marketing has increasingly become a mainstay in the field of marketing luxury real estate.  It is humbling, to say the least, to discover that your competitors have been the first to adopt the latest and greatest technology and you just at the beginning of the learning curve.  Instead of wallowing in frustration here is a tip to help you get up to speed faster: Embrace a “beginner’s mind”.

A “beginner’s mind” is a term often used in Zen. It is a state of mind that is free of pre-conceptions about a new subject, free of pretending that you know, and also free of self-criticism for not knowing or doubting that you can learn the subject easily. It is a state of genuine curiosity and eagerness to learn.

It is easy for adults to become jaded.  To understand this state of mind better, think of the perspective of a child who is discovering ice cream for the first time.  What would it be like to rediscover your own marketplace with this mindset?

In our strategic branding and marketing consulting practice for luxury real estate agents and brokerage firms, each time we take on a new client we start our consulting engagement with a trip to their marketplace at no extra charge to our clients. This gives us a chance to have some real face time with clients. It also makes it possible to quickly study and thoroughly learn about their marketplace

By being there, with beginner’s minds, we invariably discover exciting nuances about these markets and find non-obvious business development opportunities that can give our clients a competitive advantage.

We advise our clients to continuously take a fresh look at their marketplace through the eyes of their new clients who are discovering it for the first time.  With a beginner’s mind, you can more readily discover the best way to serve your luxury real estate buyers and sellers.


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