The theme in the bright colored pennants in Beverly Hills this Christmas season is "Live Joy".  Bijan. known for dressing moguls and royals, was the only one to express this sentiment as seen in the lead photo.  Here is a tour of what we saw:

Ralph Lauren's window was beautifully composed. The mannequins looked bored. X-mas Ennui (French for boredom)

Tom Ford's windows featured Christmas in gray with gray boxes and mannequins dressed in gray.

Cartier had its signature playful panther batting the red boxes. Even the cat is subdued.

Louis Vuitton's good wishies came in 4-leaf clovers...

and in wishbones displays, but the message was way too subtle  and understated for the SEASON of JOY. 

An origami wreath at David Yurman was innovative, but against a bleak background?

Rodeo Drive's median had bare fake white trees (between the live palm trees) with white lights (you can barely see them in the photo). There are also  a few hanging white stars (again, you have to look carefully to find them here) as its only other  decor apart from the red pennants that proclaim, "Live Joy".  But, with the exception of Bijan, none of these purveyors of luxury on Rodeo Drive exemplified the primary marketing message.  Where is the Joy?

Cheers, Ron & Alexandra


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