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Messaging, the way in which you communicate your extraordinary promise of value to your ideal clients is one of the most overlooked components of personal and company branding for luxury real estate marketing professionals.  To sharpen your own marketing message, look to other industries for evidence of exceptional messaging. 

Successful messaging is focused and laser sharp because it specifically addresses the attitudes, interests and the opinions of your target market, i.e., their precise psychographics.  Once you know the way your ideal client thinks you must speak to them in their language and in their own “dialect”. 

Apple announced its new iPad Mini today. Apparently, there are a lot of us who would prefer a smaller tablet because it can be held comfortably in one hand. Now, you can essentially get most of the benefits of a larger iPad with faster Wi-Fi for about $160 less.  Here is the essence of the iPad mini marketing message:  “The Whole Package. In a Smaller Package—Mini is Mighty”. 

But, in our opinion, the really big news at Apple today was not the iPad Mini, although, this new product is destined to be a huge success.  It was the new iMac!  The marketing message for this totally re-engineered personal computer:  “Performance and Design. Taken right to the edge”. 

Whereas, the iPad Mini speaks to a much broader audience of consumers, the new iMac speaks to an entirely different psychographic profile:  Those who would choose to buy a Ferrari, for example, or aspire to own one.  It also appeals to those who value spectacular innovation in design—“The desktop in its most advanced form ever”, according to Apple. 

At a time when mobile devices are overshadowing the stodgy PC and the PC market is declining, Apple gives us some very compelling reasons to fall in love with the PC again.  You may not need the extreme performance of the new iMac. But, if you want to work on a computer that is also a piece of art you MUST HAVE one.  Nothing else out there can hold a candle to it

First, it has 40% less volume than the previous iMac.  It is only 5 mm thin at the edge of the screen! There is 75% less glare. And, each screen is individually calibrated for vivid color using equipment “tuned to color standards recognized around the word for precision and accuracy”. 

From an economic standpoint, if the PC market is eroding, does it not make sense to come up with a way to “own” a bigger slice of the remaining pie?  58% of all PCs are purchased in stores, according to the Wall Street Journal.  The iPad and the iPhone drive traffic into Apple stores where the customer experience is far superior to stores like Best Buy in every way.  That is, if you have the psychographics of Apple’s ideal customer. 

Learn how your ideal clients think. Understand their psychographics—their values, attitudes, interests and opinions. Then make an effort to hone your marketing message by communicating in their language.

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