Successful luxury real estate website design must tell a captivating story about the homes you represent and it must also romanticize the marketplace in which you work.  This is particularly true about single property websites.  Here is a story within a story of the production of successful single property website.

We got a glimpse of quality online professional networking at its best on Active Rain, which is one of our distribution channel for the LOL Blog. “AR” is the largest online professional platform exclusively for real estate related professionals.   

Gayle Rich-Boxman, a fellow AR member (and LOL member) in Oregon, reached out to us with a special request.  She and her husband Larry were getting ready to put their own home on the market. Their exquisite lakeside estate is on Fishhawk Lake, which is a private, lake community about 1.5 hours drive from Portland International Airport. Gayle asked if we could help her create a marketing strategy just for this property. 

Although, our primary work is developing luxury real estate brand strategy for agents and independent brokerage firms who are bent on gaining or sustaining market leadership, we decided to make an exception, for Gayle.  When we flew out to meet the couple we became instant friends. 

They invited us to stay at the their home and experience their fabulous lakeside lifestyle first-hand.  During our visit we hatched the marketing strategy and the marketing plan. The strategy included developing a state-of-the art, mobile-enabled single property website that we share with you here in this post. (Click on the link below to view the website).

Shortly after our visit Gayle invited several other friends that she met on AR for a retreat at her home. Debb Janes created a video that was mostly shot on Gayle and Larry’s electric-powered pontoon. Kris Ginsberg took some wonderful photos for the website, video and the property brochure.  With our art direction and supervision our Napa Consultants’ web design team went to work to create the site, incorporating all of the contributed components. 

The site just launched and was immediately well received. The camaraderie and sense of community was heightened between network members who participated in the production of the site and have all become friends in the process.

Remember to tell a captivating story with your luxury real estate website design and also romanticize your marketplace.  Do not be afraid to reach out and get input from others who can also help you tell the story.



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