In our last post, we stated, “It is very important, as a professional, not to be critical about your clients’ attitudes in regards to abundance or scarcity.  Get beyond these judgments and grasp what is at their root.”  In this post we propose that the best way to connect with your target market is to learn the various “dialects” of the Language of Luxury.

One of the ways you can have fun with those clients who may not be a match to your personal priority values is to learn their particular “dialect” of the Language of Luxury.  The ones whose priority is how others perceive them will likely want to talk about the latest and greatest finds in the luxury world.  They probably know each luxury brand, what is on trend this season, and who the “hot” artists are, for example.  So, if you stay informed on these subjects, you will have plenty to talk about, in their dialect. They will be thrilled to work with you because you “understand” them; you are simpatico. In some cases you will discover a truly delightful individual who is well versed in their dialect, but also down to earth.

I (Alexandra, here) met one of my first commercial real estate clients while showing him an office building for his entertainment business.  He arrived in a bright red Ferrari, carrying an alligator briefcase, dressed in the latest brands. On his wrist was a beautiful Piaget watch.  I had admired that watch because of its intricate design of woven individual gold pieces.  I commented on it, and we became the best of friends in that moment.  I understood exactly what type of offices he would love.  And, he agreed.

I also met the partner of one the world’s premier recording stars.  He was very low key in terms of appearance.  As we toured several offices in the building, he explained that he was not looking for flashy offices; a modest one on a lower floor would be perfect.   He was looking for value.  We had a delightful time discussing philosophy, places we had lived, our mutual love of travel, and discovered that our fathers may have actually known each other. This rich conversation reflected his dialect of the Language of Luxury.

To be a market leader you need to learn all dialects of the Language of Luxury that pertain to your target market.  As shallow as some dialects may seem to some of you, you must respect your clients’ attitudes when it comes to their wealth and what is important to them.

For example, it will serve you well to know that every Rolls Royce has a cleverly hidden door-mounted umbrella in each door of the Phantom model. That way, when a valet opens the door he can reach in and pull out in the umbrella to protect you from the rain.  You might also want to be up on this trend: in 2012, the yellow diamond has become more sought after than white ones and Harry Winston Jewelers specialize in colored stones. 

All high net worth clients speak a dialect of the Language of Luxury.  Tune into their values and their attitudes, and become fluent.  Understand their lifestyle.  That way, you can still have fun with them even if their priority values are dissimilar to your own.  I leave you with our slogan: “Get Fluent. Get Affluent!,TM

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