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As a luxury real estate professional, it is important to know and understand the psycho graphics of your marketplace.  One way to do this is to analyze why and how you buy luxurious products.  Here is an example:

We were just at our local wine warehouse store, Carpinteria Wine Company, to purchase a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Wine, if made anywhere else, for a very special celebration this evening.  They have a great selection, and being students of branding I (Alexandra, here)spotted this bottle of Sparkling Wine called Goat Bubbles.  It certainly stands out at first glance.  It would make for great conversation, and the reviews stated "it was a silly name", however the product was good and "pinot esque", which refers to the Pinot grape.

On second thought, the brand became a turn off for us, in this instance.  Although we love fun names and fun brands, we have a reverence for Champagne/Sparkling Wine of all countries.  For us, it means "special and worthy of toasting an achievement, an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding, or just because you appreciate your mate."  We were not the right psycho graphic for this sparkling wine, and we are certain that there are many who will find the name and the wine "perfect!"

So we opted for a French Champagne "Henriot" grown on the chalky soils of the Champagne region in France, which we have visited and enjoyed exploring many of the great Champagne houses.  It is the proprietor's favorite, and she recommended it for the crab cakes made with fresh Louisiana crabs, which will be served with this meal.  

Know your psycho graphics before you market yourself or your company.

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