As a luxury real estate marketing professional, crafting the right message on your website is crucial to converting web leads into phone calls or email inquiries. You must “speaks the language” of your target market if you want to generate an abundance of leads. Being congruent with your message when you actually deliver your service is what converts web leads into converts –raving fans.

 In part one of Speak to Me in My Language! We showed how the right message, communicated in a way that meets the personal needs of your target market, brings about  converted web leads.  Ron was looking for a high end hair salon to get a great cut, which is easy to find in a big city but more challenging to find a smaller town like Santa Barbara. He found a salon that spoke his language on the website and made an appointment.  The web lead was converted.  But, did Ron become a convert of River Blue Salon?

 Yes! The extraordinary service blew him away! It began with an extensive scalp massage, then a neck and shoulder massage while Suni washed his hair.  The level of her expertise in cutting his hair was indeed on par with the best salons of Los Angeles.  The complementary hand massage by the masseuse from the mini-spa at the salon, during the cut, was the WOW! factor, on top of an outstanding cut. 

 Furthermore, Suni told Ron that she and her husband (and business partner) train each of their employees to deliver the same consistent service, both in technique and in providing a quality experience.  She said that in the event she or her husband was not available at the salon, any of the other stylists could duplicate the service.  This was another big WOW!

 Being congruent in term of your website messaging, the quality of your service and your business systems is absolutely mission-critical if market leadership is your quest. Always be on the lookout for ways to bring into sync the entire experience, from first glance at your website to staying in touch after you deliver your service.

 Also, see Spinning a Good Yarn as an example of what happens if your website is not congruent with your level of service.

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