After attending and speaking at two international real estate conferences in Colorado, we arrived home, late in the evening, at our tiny local airport in Santa Barbara, California.  The moment we disembarked on the tarmac (too small for jet bridges), the sweet ocean air filled our lungs.  We were back in our cozy home town. We realized that there was a powerfully obvious message that we wanted to impart to luxury real estate marketing professionals.

Today’s jets are like time machines or modern versions of Dorothy’s red shoes in the Wizard of Oz, whisking us away to new locales in no time.  With only carry-on luggage, we were on the freeway in just a few minutes heading home. 

It was delightful to be greeted by our cats as we walked in.  Although, we had stayed in wonderful hotels, there is no bed quite as comfortable as our own.  We slept soundly.

A home can have a deep emotional connection to our hearts, a feeling that is unique to each individual.  One of our friends in Los Angeles loves her home because the architecture is reminiscent of Cape Cod where she grew up. The backyard, with its tropical vegetation and pool, is her late husband’s favorite area because it pays homage to the Southern California lifestyle.  Another friend in Santa Barbara loves her view of the ocean from her second story bedroom and the fact she is a block and a half away from the beach where she walks every morning.  

Coming home, we realized just how important it is, as a luxury real estate agent,  to understand what  “home” means to  each of your clients, personally.  Although, they often speak in terms of the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, fixtures, etc., what they really want is an emotional connection with the place they are buying.   Whether it is the admiration of others or a profound inner sense of peace, reach for a clear understanding of your client’s personal meaning of home. Listening for that intangible desire of comfort or ego-gratification can make your job easier. In fact, it can make you a hero in your clients’ eye when you satisfy their emotional need by finding them the right home. 

It is also important to understand the emotional attachment (or lack thereof) that the sellers have to their home.  By discovering what moving on will mean to them personally, you may just find that you have won the listing because your competition overlooked this crucial piece of the puzzle.

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