One of the most important aspects of personal and company branding for luxury real estate marketing professionals is messaging. That is, how you tell the story of your brand of doing business.  The key is to be authentic, be genuine and speak to your target market in their language.

The clearer you are about your ideal client’s psychographics, i.e., what makes them “tick”, the easier it is to connect with them in a way that is personally meaningful to them.  Your potential clients are saying “please speak to me, to my personal needs, in my language, and I will give you my business”. 

Recently, Ron was looking for a new hair salon in Santa Barbara to get a great cut and found exactly what he was looking online, because the hair salon spoke his language on their website.  Having lived and worked in Los Angeles for most of his life he was used to the “cutting edge” in haircuts, a standard that is demanded by the entertainment industry in L.A. and many big city dwellers in general. 

 In big cities the competition in most services sectors is fierce, which is a good thing for consumers because choices are plentiful.  Here, innovation is the norm in order to stay ahead of the game.  Outside of the metropolitan areas there is plenty of talent but less of a demand for what is ‘current’.  Finding this “big city” level of service can be more challenging in smaller towns.

 River Blue in Montecito (Santa Barbara) used the magic words on their website to describe their salon: “Before coming to Santa Barbara, Tuan and Suni (husband and wife salon owners) were stylists in San Francisco.   River Blue Salon is a full-service, high end, boutique salon.  With its exposed brick walls, chic decor, and full lines of Bumble and Bumble, Yon-ka, and Youngblood products, River Blue Salon feels like the best of San Francisco or New York right in Montecito”.

 Think of River Blue when you craft your luxury real estate marketing message. The messaging on the website got Ron in the door with an appointment. The web lead was converted. But, did Ron become a convert—a raving  fan,  once he experienced the actual service?   Watch for Part 2 of:  Speak to ME in my language! What followed in his appointment exemplified another extremely important principle in marketing: Be Congruent!

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