As a luxury real estate marketing professional, one of the most important, yet overlooked ingredients in building a successful practice is being congruent in your actions, your business systems your marketing message, in your website design (and content) and in your collateral material.  Your entire story must be consistent.

It is essential that you “spin a good yarn” by telling a compelling story that invites people to select you over your competition. Even if you come up first on Google you are not assured new business if consumers are dissatisfied when they arrive at your “store”. Before you spend money optimizing your website, be sure that your entire story is congruent and your store is in order. 

Alexandra was searching for a local yarn online so she could knit an afghan as a baby gift.   The website that came up first in the Google search was aesthetically pleasing.  The company’s slogan was appealing. Their messaging was right on Alexandra’s wavelength which prompted her to take action and visit the brick and mortar store.   They described the luxurious fibers of Alpaca, Angora, Bamboo, Organic Cotton and Wool that were sold in the store, which was exactly what Alexandra was seeking. 

When Alexandra arrived at the store it was in disarray, it was dirty, and uninviting.  That was just her first glance through the window.   On top of that the store was closed during business hours.  There were too many incongruent signals for Alexandra to return to the store and shop there. 

There may be a logical explanation for the disarray. However, time restraints prevent most consumers from giving service professionals the benefit of the doubt.  That is why you only have a nano second to make a good first impression.  There is no excuse for disarray on your home page of your website.  But, the entire website must be congruent.  Your superlative service must follow suit.

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