Wake Up Call!

It is time for a wake-up call! According to a 2009 NAR report 60% of agents have a website that is 5 years old or more. According to Vinton Cerf, one of the founding fathers of the internet, the internet changes and grows in “dog years” not human years. That means that most agents’ websites are over 35 years old. How old is your site?

Think of your top three closest competitors. Take a close look at their websites. Are they up to date or obsolete as well?  Does yours stand out? Or, do all of your sites look similar?

When you acquire a new listing, you take a fresh look at the home from the buyer’s perspective, and advise your clients about maximizing its appeal. This may involve re-arranging the furniture and staging to reduce clutter. Sometimes the best advice is a new paint job and making some minor repairs. Statistics back the fact that a home’s superior curb appeal can translate into thousands of dollars of added value at the close of escrow.

One of our market-leading clients has an interior design background. She and her partners took a listing of a couple who relocated to Asia with the condition that they were given a budget to re-landscape, re-paint and make repairs. Our client completely orchestrated the improvements on behalf of her absentee owners. When it came on the market, the home was sold in one day.

As a luxury real estate marketing professional, think of your website as a luxury home and visitors are driving by. Does your website have curb appeal?

Or, think of your website as a luxury store. Do your display windows beckon visitors to enter? How can you expect to capture leads if you cannot get visitors through the door?

This is a wake-up call. Take a good look at your website. Take the plunge and reinvent yourself before your competitors do. Think curb appeal and consider what is at stake!

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