As a luxury real estate marketing professional, what would it mean to your bottom line if more of your friends and clients went out of their way to refer business to you? Just about everyone in business knows that word-of-mouth advertising is the sweet spot of marketing. But, few know what it takes to get that to happen, consistently. The answer is simple: be remarkable, deliver remarkable service, and get a remarkable website.

Recently, we were asked to recommend a good online computer back-up service. Our answer, hands down, was SugarSync. We had tried several systems. And, SugarSync was by far the best for several reasons:

  • The price is right at $4.99 per month for 30 GBs of storage.
  • It enables us to share files between computers, like an intranet so we can co-edit documents in real time
  • It allow us to send large files to clients
  • All files are available 24/7 remotely via computer and even via iPhone if need be
  • It quickly backs up all documents, photos etc., which means complete peace of mind

SugarSync did not need to give us any incentive, whatsoever, to toot their horn. We are that satisfied by their service. But, this friend noticed that the company would give us an additional 500MB of extra storage when she signed up using our referral link. And, she got the same amount of extra storage.

People love to promote if you give them compelling reasons to do so. Here are 7reasons we would go out of our way to refer a luxury real estate marketing professional:

  1. Rapid response communication to email and telephone calls
  2. Kindness and courtesy
  3. Optimistic attitude and fun to be with
  4. Bridging communication during the transaction for assurance that details are being taken care of or if some expectation changes
  5. Staying in touch after closing escrow
  6. Superior marketing savvy
  7. An informative website that has compelling reasons to revisit before, during and after close of escrow—a remarkable site that is worthy of promoting

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