Recently, a 3D floor plan company was called to our attention that takes virtual tours to a new level. As former commercial real estate brokers we appreciate the need to help clients visualize how their office space will lay out. Space planners offer renderings with elevations to accompany floor plans that help the visualization process, marginally. For major tenants they build 3D models which work much better. However, they are expensive to produce. So, 3D web graphics may be just the ticket. But, will this work when marketing luxury real estate?

Perhaps, if a buyer of a luxury condo needs to compare floor plans this would be helpful. Or, possibly a second home buyer from outside of the market place could save a trip by being able to better visualize the views from certain rooms. Or, maybe it would helpful to see the potential of remodeling, and the advantages of removing certain walls to rework the flow of rooms.

The old bottom line questions that luxury real estate professionals need to ask about the new wave of innovative interactivity still apply:

  •  Will this new technology help me get more listings and sell more homes?
  • Will investing in this technology give me a genuine competitive advantage?
  • Is this the next fad, or is 3D here to stay?

To help answer these questions, take a look at The Watch Avenue which is supposedly an answer to the glut of luxury watch brands and their ubiquitous imitators that sell for pennies on the dollars. It is intended to be a 3D interactive shopping experience set in Paris.

In addition to entering and stopping in boutiques such as Hublot, Corum, Vacheron Constantin, Chanel, here are some of the other features of The Watch Avenue:

  1. An attractive woman appears as your shopping guide who talks to you and follows you as you explore the watch boutiques and “stroll” down First and Second Avenue.
  2. You can stop into the theatre and watch a movie about a watch
  3. You can go to the bookstore and read books about watches
  4. You can go to the kiosk and see recent magazines about watches.
  5. You can go to a museum hosted by TAG Heuer
  6. You can visit a general information center
  7. There is even a watch making school to appreciate the art of making fine timepieces

In your estimation is this the future of shopping? Is this the future of luxury real estate marketing?

Ironically, there is a billboard on The Watch Avenue that states,”Fake watches are for fake people—buy real”. Isn’t this entire site virtual reality?

Please share your thoughts about this experience.

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