As a luxury marketing professional it is important to develop a strategy to achieve your goals. Strategy is not tactics. Tactics are means of achieving immediate goals. A strategy is a long term plan of action. Strategy is making a choice of direction which will affect the outcome of your goals. To develop a successful strategy you must integrate your brand and your passion for the business you are in. It is the result of defining, aligning and refining your brand and your position in the marketplace.  A strategy without grounding in the basics of marketing is like putting the cart before the horse.

One of our friends was a successful realtor prior to the days of web 2.0. She loved historical homes and had remodeled several of them, and she began specializing in selling these types of homes. She knew through her own experience what it takes to restore these homes and had a list of vetted people who could help her buyers/sellers in the process. Her passion led her to join a historical society. Her enthusiasm and participation in the organization created lifetime friendships and referrals in abundance. This was a strategy based on a passion for historical homes. It has not waned; she still works with the group.

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