Art: You may not always like it but it gives you a new perspective. It takes your mind to new places where it has not explored. As a luxury real estate marketing professional, we recommend frequent trips to art galleries and art museums. It opens you up to new experiences, new idea and increases your “vocabulary” in the Language of Luxury.

This weekend we drove to Los Angeles from our home in Santa Barbara, for quick hit of culture at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. A new outdoor sculpture was installed since our last visit there and it takes center stage in the expanded campus of exhibit buildings. It is comprised of rows of streetlamps clustered in a square pattern, adjacent to the new Broad Contemporary Art Museum building.

Contemporary art often causes me to scratch my head and wonder, “what were they thinking”? Where is the meaning? How does a single blob of color on an otherwise blank canvas constitute art? It wasn’t until I walked through this sculpture and noticed the shadows that it cast, did this sculpture became art to me. From a distance it was mildly intriguing. But, when I got up close, where I was able to participate with it and move between the lampposts, it truly captured my imagination.

I took one of these photos while on my back looking up to the sky. It occurred to me that streetlamps are never next to one another. They are always spaced apart to do their job. Together, they now create a beacon of light guiding people to the museum and inviting them in to gain new perspectives.

By Ron Seigel, Partner – Napa Consultants, International

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