This is a story about a luxury real estate marketing professional who applied the principle of “the listening appointment vs. the listing appointment. When our friend went for out on a listing presentation the seller was sitting gingerly on his chair and straining to pay attention. She asked him if there was something wrong. The seller told her his back was hurting him.

Instead of continuing the presentation, she told him of a chiropractor friend who was so good that he would be feeling a 100% better after one visit. The seller agreed to see her friend. She made the appointment for him that very day, canceling her presentation.

Sure enough, his back felt better. He rescheduled the appointment and gave her the listing without interviewing anyone else. Her care spoke volumes. All parties benefited, and it was the beginning of a great relationship which continues to this day.

Listen for what is needed and wanted by your client and make that your priority during your listing presentation rather than your own agenda. You will get clues about sealing the deal.

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