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The Big Yellow Cab

In the growing international wine market wine, how do you stand out? What is your brand position? How do you differentiate your brand? And, even more importantly, how do you create word-of-mouth marketing or Buzz? If you are a luxury real estate marketing professional you need to ask yourself the same questions.

There is glut of wine brands throughout the world offering consumers an overwhelming amount of choice. Utah, Oregon, Washington, Texas, New York, Virginia and more states have now jumped into the market. California produces more than double the wine that Australia produces. 

People often buy wine based on the label without having the slightest idea of what is inside the bottle. Here is a marvelous example of a winery that succeeds at differentiating their wine and standing out in the crowded Cabernet Sauvignon category.

Mendocino County in California produces Big Yellow Cab. The label has yellow as its dominant color. It has the picture of an old fashioned Yellow cab, giving it the allure of heritage. The Yellow Cab’s slogan is “The Name to Trust Since 1920”. Everyone knows what a Yellow Cab is. This is a play on words. The bottle contains cabernet sauvignon, a red wine. Wine jargon often refers to the taste of a full bodied rich Cab (an abbreviation of Cabernet ) as a” big Cab”.

It is a friendly label. The color yellow suggests warmth, friendliness, and in this case, fun. At $11.99 a bottle, I bought it, both to photograph it and to taste it. It was good, and it was fun, and it made for interesting conversation. It made it to our blog, which means it was “remarkable” (worthy of our remarks). This is the word-of-mouth advertising that can happen just by clever branding. In other words, Yellow Cab wine is “buzz-worthy”. It is so clever, you have to tell someone about it.

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