We are all subject to prejudicial branding. We are expected to stay within the norm, that standard that someone sold us. When we stray it can create a revolution. That is what happens when you carve out your own brand.

Martin Luther publicly disagreed with the Catholic Church resulting in his excommunication. Undaunted he created a new religion, Lutheran. People had to examine their beliefs again. Others merely dismissed him as evil and bad. His namesake, Martin Luther King, disagreed with the status quo. He did not want to blend in and accept the brand that was he was given. We are still feeling the positive effects of his movement. Leonardo Da Vinci did not fare well with the church authorities either, nor did Michelangelo.

Emeril Lagasse, the popular chef, often debunks some of the cooking rules as he learned them, and always exclaims, “If you don’t like this, get your own show”. He dares us to reexamine the sacred rules of cooking. He made cooking fun and easy. We have to thank these people for carving out their own brands.

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