Momentum is the power to increase the flow of business in your luxury real estate marketing practice. What is the mindset that creates momentum? The answer is threefold:

1.  Alignment and Focus

Personal alignment occurs when you want something and you are clear about why you want it. You are also clear that you are setting out to achieve your goal for your own sake and not to please others. Team alignment occurs when there is a mutuality of interests, i.e., when the goal serves the self-interest of each team member. When there is alignment  and single-minded focus your goals become magnets that pull you toward accomplishment which is the sensation of forward  movement and momentum.

Think of the extensive alignment and focus that was required to produce the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Everything seemed to flow flawlessly and effortlessly. Spectacular displays of well orchestrated teamwork created a tremendous opportunity for Chinese self-promotion. Promotion is the act of furthering the growth or development of something which builds its momentum. A tremendous amount of momentum in positive public relations was gained by China because they hosted the games.

2.  Inspiration vs. Motivation

You know you are aligned with you are inspired to take action, when the very thought of taking action thrills you. If you feel like you need to motivate yourself to achieve your goal you are not aligned. Gaining and sustaining momentum can be gut-wrenching if you are trying to motivate yourself in the absence of inspired action.

3.  Pride of Ownership vs. Accountability

If you feel like you need to hold yourself accountable for your goal you are not aligned. When you have pride of ownership you naturally want to take care of your enterprise and consistently keep it in good condition which adds to the momentum of your success.

The combination of personal and team alignment, inspired action and pride of ownership is the mindset that gives you access to momentum. This is the power to steadily increase the flow of business in your luxury real estate marketing practice.

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