Momentum is the capacity for progressive development. In your luxury real estate marketing practice momentum it is the power to increase the flow of business at an ever-growing pace. The sensation of momentum can be exhilarating. But, it is the feeling of control over the volume of business you attract that feels the best. How can you achieve this control? That is the subject of this blog series on momentum.

Clues for creating momentum can readily be found in sports. The famous basketball announcer for the Los Angeles Lakers, Chick Hearn, referred to a phenomenon that he called “Mr. Momentum” He observed that, at times ,a team would ride the wave of consistently outscoring their opponent. Then, suddenly, Mr. Momentum would shift and the same phenomenon was experienced by the opposing team. In each case, he was referring to a stretch of time in which everything was “clicking”, all gears were in mesh, the teamwork was impeccable and results were consistent.

A specific example of momentum in basketball occurred in the 2007-2008 season. The Houston Rockets experienced a 22 game winning streak, which was the second longest streak in NBA history. What was most remarkable about this achievement was that it was accomplished without Yao Ming, the famous Chinese center, playing in the last 10 games of the streak. This was the first season for Rick Adelman, their head coach. Certainly Rick brought a different mindset to the team which became evident.

Mindset has everything to do with momentum. Players have described stretches of time where they could do nothing wrong. One player said that he experienced stretches of time when the diameter of the basket was as big as a lake; every ball thrown in the general direction of the basket went in. Clearly, this was an altered state of mind.

What, then, is the mindset that creates momentum, the power to increase the flow of business in your luxury real estate marketing practice? Stay tuned to the next post for the answer!

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