Go shopping at Harrod's in London

Many agents who are involved in the business of luxury real estate marketing feel that they have to bow and scrape to the wealthy. They have to serve them and anticipate their every need, so that the potential client will like them. They even send them gifts after meeting them for the first time in hopes of doing business with them. If this is the way you love being treated, if it feels good, by all means do it for your clients. Keep in mind that these are the types of clients that you will consistently attract, the ones who will feel most comfortable with you.

However, here is another approach to working with the wealthy that you might consider. A very successful agent in Silicon Valley does not give closing gifts. She gets them spontaneously from her clients. Her stance is that her service is invaluable, her knowledge of the luxury market impeccable. She has an impressive roster of clients who praise her expertise and prowess. These are the clients she consistently attracts. She is a player on equal footing with her clients who are more like partners in the process of selling or buying a home.

Find your approach, express it clearly and you will attract the very ones you would like to work with. Either way be sure to gift yourself when you close a transaction!

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