In order to stand out from the crowd, luxury real estate marketing professionals should be able to immediately answer the question "what’s in it for me?", from the perspective of your target market. As a consumer you chose the products and services that suit your needs and your desires. Every product and every service is trying to answer that question for their target market. They answer it visually with graphics and design, and they answer it in terms of benefits and incentives.

Before you can answer for your clients, you need to answer the question “what is in it for you?", the luxury real estate marketing professional. Commission aside, what is it about your business that you love doing? What makes your heart sing? Take a moment to be selfish and analyze what you are most comfortable with.

Marketing essentially is the matching and orchestration of self-interests. Know your self-interest. Know your clients’ self-interest. Only then can you become an expert marketer and matchmaker who seeks solutions that simultaneously satisfies all parties. Everyone can get what they want. It’s all about orchestrating matches.

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