Titanium fighter motorcycle

Understanding the concept of buzz marketing in luxury real estate marketing is important. Buzz marketing is a way of getting media attention by orchestrating an event that is unusual in nature and results in people talking. It can be less expensive than traditional advertising. Buzz generates word-of- mouth advertising. Here are some fun examples of buzz marketing:

Every Christmas Neiman Marcus reveals the fantasy gifts. This year’s gifts selection runs the gamut from a backyard golf course custom designed by Jack Nicklaus, a 35 year collection of every 45 RPM records listed o the Billboard Top 100 through the end of 1990, a titanium fighter motorcycle or a shootout session with the Harlem Globetrotters.

In 2007, Harrods department store in London, hired a live Egyptian cobra to guard a pair of ruby-sapphire and diamond encrusted sandals valued at over $100,000. This also was a great promotion for the shoe designer Rene Caovilla, who is now on par with Manolo Blahnik and other famed shoe designers.

Popular talk show hosts such as Oprah, and Ellen give away the book or CD of an author or musician on the show. Martha Stewart also gives gifts and food to taste on her show. On a plane out of Burbank, we watched a couple of gals who had been to the Ellen show regale others with the gifts they received.

Savvy wedding planners and caterers always have some favor for the guests that create buzz, so that you are bound to ask who did that. This buzz effect reflects well both on the party giver and the planner.

One of the fruit and vegetable stands at our local Farmer’s market created a beautiful table with the bounty of the local harvest. Everyone gathered around and called their friends to come see it as well as the local paper.

Buzz does not have to cost a lot of money. Take a lesson from bees: You can attract more business with honey- the sweet smell of successful buzz!

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