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Loyalty is a byproduct of high trust relationships. The dictionary defines loyalty as faithful to a person, a cause, an ideal, a custom, an institution, or a product. In the business of maintaining and serving the luxury real estate market it is important to engender loyalty in your relationships with your clients, because it is a formidable source of word-of-mouth marketing, i.e. referrals. If you value loyalty, having a loyal client base can be developed in this way: Be loyal!

  • Develop consistency in your follow-through
  • Do what you say you are going to do
  • Stay true to your principles such as working with people you like
  • Give your clients the best care, before, during and after the close of escrow
  • Stay in touch, remember birthdays, anniversaries and their children’s names. It is easy to do that when you like them.

Loyalty is in and of itself a luxury because it is so satisfying when a client stays true to you. If loyalty seems like a rarity to you, practice it more often yourself. Champion the products and services that you value the most. Let other service professionals know that you appreciate them by sending them referrals, and a gift such as flowers.

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